Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve assembled a playlist of Before the Abstract episodes featuring all of our outstanding female storytellers. Today we are proud to feature incredible stories from women at the top of their respective fields and across several disciplines.

These true, personal stories will give you insight into the lives of female researchers around the world; from one woman who finds herself face-to-face with a man with a machine gun in the Serengeti, to another woman’s unlikely friendship with a sex worker in the Peruvian Amazon, to yet another woman’s experience as the only female aboard a scientific drill vessel off the coast of Antarctica. The list goes on so you’ll just have to listen for yourself…

Have a listen and make sure to tune in every Tuesday for our newest episode!

Stories about Creativity: Jean Zarate

Jean Zarate is torn between neuroscience and music careers until a tragic event brings both into perspective.

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Jean is a Senior Editor at Nature Neuroscience and a musician. (Read more about her here!)

Amy Hochadel: The Making of a Smart City

Amy Hochadel, a global cities consultant, has an inspiring trip to Pune, India thanks to a charismatic local leader.

Amy is the author of Local Leadership in a Global Era (2018).

Below are a selection of photos from Amy’s trip to Pune, as recounted in the above episode of Before the Abstract.

Young participant at the Lighthouse Youth Programme.

City of Pune

Pune City Hall

Glass bracelet sellers

A young shop keeper in Pune.

Kunal Kumar (fourth from left) in London looking for public bike share ideas for Pune.

Ruth Goldstein: Of Gold Mines, Plants, and Women

Ruth Goldstein develops an unlikely friendship in the Peruvian Amazon, studying the social and environmental effects of the Interoceanic Road.

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Ruth Goldstein is currently Head Tutor and lecturer in the Folklore and Mythology Program at Harvard University. Her scholarly interests stem from over ten years of working on social and environmental justice issues.